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Orthodontic Treatments


Whether you're a parent seeking solutions for your child, a teenager looking for discreet options, or an adult wishing to enhance your smile, our experienced team in Montreal is here to assist you.
Little kid boy holding professional orthodontic denture with metal braces and removable in


For our young patients, we offer specially designed orthodontic growth modification appliances to guide jaw development, ensuring a balanced smile.


For teenagers, our orthodontic clinic provides two main options: orthodontic treatment with clear Invisalign aligners and treatment with fixed braces. Invisalign offers a nearly invisible solution, while fixed braces are available in transparent or metal versions.

Young african american woman smiling happy holding professional orthodontic denture with m
Middle age man holding invisible braces isolated on pink background looking up while smili


Whether it's for a first orthodontic treatment or an orthodontic retreatment, there is no age limit to achieving an aligned smile. Clear Invisalign aligners are highly popular among adults for orthodontic treatments because they are discreet and removable.

After orthodontic treatments, maintaining the results is essential. For our adult patients, we offer retention phases, including discreet devices to ensure your smile remains beautiful and well-aligned.

Meet our team today for your first orthodontic consultation.
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